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by Zain Ashfaq 05 Aug 2023

If you're looking for a comfortable piece of clothing that will keep you warm during the winter or fall, most likely, you'll look for a sweatshirt or sweater. Maybe you slip on an oversized cardigan, or you put on your sweatshirt to go for a walk on a cold winter day. However, when you compare the two, what exactly are the differences?

The primary difference between the sweatshirt and sweater is the type of fabric that is used since sweaters are made of knit fabric while sweatshirts have jersey fleece. Another major difference is that sweaters are usually more elegant than sweatshirts. The sweater can have more designs and textures than sweatshirts too.

Here we will discuss the complete details of Sweater vs Sweatshirt to help you make the right decision when choosing sweaters and sweatshirts.


A sweater is a garment typically made of knitted or crocheted material. It can come in various styles, lengths, and necklines and is known for its ability to provide warmth.

  • Sweaters are created by interlocking loops that are a constant yarn (knitting) which is why they are pliable and elastic.
  • A sweater is knitted using cotton or wool. It may feature buttons, zippers, or pull over.
  • Graphics and patterns on sweaters are made using the same knitting process for garments.
  • A sweater can be more versatile than sweatshirts. It can be worn as a casual or formal look. It is a great choice to wear with a formal shirt and tie or a woman's dress. 


The sweatshirt is a warm outerwear garment made of hoodie fleece, which consists of a knitted cotton exterior and a soft fleecy interior fabric. Sweatshirts often feature a crewneck collar, but they can also have hoods and zip-up or pullover designs.

  • A sweatshirt is a knitted fabric that is lined with fleece inside, which is a thick material on one side and soft cotton on the other side. It could be a pullover, or it can have a zipper on the front.
  • Sweatshirts have a sporting and athletic look and are often used with sweatpants to be fitness wear; however, it is also a form of leisurewear.
  • The majority of sweatshirts are made with the exact same design or shape. The only difference is that they might be without the option of a hood or zip front.
  • A sweater is designed to give warmth but not to soak up sweat.



The main difference between a pullover and a sweatshirt lies in the materials and styles. A pullover is a general term that refers to any garment that is worn by pulling it over the head and does not have a front opening. On the other hand, a sweatshirt is a specific type of pullover that features a knitted cotton fleece fabric. Sweatshirts often have a casual, sporty style and may include design elements such as a hood, graphic prints, or a front zipper.


The answer to this question depends on personal preference and the intended use. Sweatshirts are typically worn as outerwear over a shirt, providing insulation and protection from the cold. They are often made with heavier fabrics and can even replace a coat in certain situations. Sweaters, on the other hand, can be worn as a standalone piece or as outerwear. They offer more formal and versatile styling options, making them suitable for various occasions. Ultimately, the choice between a sweatshirt and a sweater comes down to individual style and the desired level of formality.

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Some common types of sweaters include:


This is the traditional style of the sweater with long, baggy sleeves that end at a ribbed cuff. It features a crewneck collar and often has a ribbed hem to provide a closer fit at the waist or hips.


A cardigan is an open-front sweater that can be buttoned or left unbuttoned. It is versatile and can be styled in both formal and casual outfits.


As the name suggests, a V-neck sweater has a V-shaped neckline. It is a classic style that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.


A crewneck sweater has a round, close-fitting collar similar to that of a t-shirt. It is a versatile option that can be worn in various settings.


When it comes to Ubuntu apparel, we have a range of Sweatshirts to choose from. Our Sweatshirts feature an iconic Ubuntu logo and are made from cotton and polycotton material. These feature long sleeves, a crew neckline, and a relaxed fit, making it suitable for casual wear. Whether you prefer the cosy warmth and the versatility of sweatshirts, these allow Ubuntu enthusiasts to proudly display their support for the Ubuntu community.

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